Oklahoma Business 保险 Policies Offered


Commercial Property 保险

PI covers the risk of property loss in a variety of commercial insurance situations, including commercial buildings, 设备, 家具, 固定装置, 库存, 业务记录, supplies and other physical items.


Commercial 一般 责任 保险

CGL is a business insurance coverage written to cover your exposure to 3rd party claims for bodily injury, 财产损失, or personal injury or lawsuits.



Also called Errors and Omissions (E&O) covers professionals with specific knowledge in a specific area and protects them against claims from their clients.


Commercial Umbrella 责任 保险

A coverage written to cover your exposure to damages by third parties for bodily injury or 财产损失 claims or lawsuits that exceed your limits on your underlying policies.


Commercial Auto 保险

专业 Insurors provides Business or Commercial Auto coverage to all types and sizes of businesses and accommodates a wide variety of situational variations.


董事 &

Essentially an E&O policy for the management of a privately owned company. Protects the personal assets of a company’s 董事 and 军官 as well as the company’s financial well-being.



A three-party contract under which one party (保证人) guarantees to another (Obligee) that a third (Principal) will perform the obligation stated in the bond.


就业 Practice 责任 保险

EPLI provides protection for a business against claims made by current, former or potential employees for discrimination, harassment and other employment-related allegations.



俘虏 保险 is a form of corporate “self-insurance” and are wholly owned and controlled by its insureds. An increasingly deployed alternative approach to 风险管理.



员工薪酬ensation protects your business and employees from work-related injuries, 事故, 甚至死亡.



If your business or property gets damaged from floodwater, commercial flood insurance can help cover your repair costs.



Protects non-profit organizations and their employees from threats of litigation that may impact their bottom lines.


网络 责任 保险

Helps protect businesses against the viciously damaging and increasingly prevalent threat posed by breaches in cyber security.



Helps protect businesses against the viciously damaging and increasingly prevalent threat posed by breaches in cyber security.


Non Profit Management 责任

Protects non-profit organizations and their employees from threats of klitigation that may impact their bottom lines.


Contractor 设备 报道

This is a broad-ranging policy designed to cover damaged or missing contractors 设备.


设备 Breakdown

报道 for loss due to mechanical or electrical breakdown of business 设备. 报道 applies to the cost to repair or replace the 设备 and any other 财产损失d by the 设备 breakdown.


What Is Business 保险?

Business 保险 is an umbrella term that account for the many types of coverage available to businesses. More than anything, business insurance is the peace of mind knowing that your business has protection. 当然, every business has unique needs due to the industry it’s in and the nature of the organization (the staff size, 业务目标, 位置, 等).

Who Needs Business 保险?

Business owners who are running a successful business need business insurance. There’s so much that makes a great business owner great, and one of the most prominent features is recognizing that your company very well might incur damages of some sort along your business journey. When we talk about damage as it pertains to businesses, it typically encompasses a magnitude that supersedes personal damage. Damages for business are typically very costly, threatening and angst-inducing, making the need for proper insurance coverage ever more important for responsible businesses.

What Does Business 保险 Cover?

Commercial insurance options are vast and varied. To manage the cryptic and overwhelming terrain, it’s important that you get the Customized Protection You Need.

As a business owner, the right insurance coverage is essential to protecting your business. From our exclusively designed programs that meet your industry and operational risk profile to our deep expertise and relationships with top-tier insurance company markets, we can find the precise insurance solution to address your needs. So there is no one answer to this question and even the individual coverages we offer are all varied based on the business and written insurance policy.