Professional Liability Insurance


What is Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional Liability Insurance (also called Errors and Omissions or E&O) is financial protection for professionals against the mistakes they can make in doing their everyday jobs. Just like doctors have medical malpractice insurance to defend themselves against lawsuits, other types of professionals such as architects, engineers, real estate agents, and technology professionals need coverage for financial losses resulting from mistakes made by the insured in the conduct of professional activities. Professional liability insurance coverage pays the insured's defense costs and damages in the case of a claim.

Why do I need Professional Liability Insurance coverage?

Even though professionals always try to do their best for their clients, mistakes do happen. Professional Liability picks up where your General Liability leaves off. General Liability policies often contain exclusions for professional services losses. And in such a litigious society, lawsuits have become an inevitability. Professional liability insurance coverage not only pays judgment costs, it also prepares you for a lawsuit by paying claims defense costs. After all, even the fraudulent claims cost your business money.

Industries we cover:

  • Architects Errors & Omissions

  • Engineers Errors & Omissions

  • Accountants (CPA) Errors & Omissions

  • Technology Errors Omissions

  • Contractors Errors & Omissions

  • Medical Malpractice Liability

  • Real Estate Agents Errors & Omissions

  • Mortgage Brokers Errors Omissions

  • Title Agents E &O

  • Lawyers Professional Liability


What Professional Liability Limits Can I Purchase?

Professional liability insurance limits are available from $300,000 to as much as $20,000,000 for large firms.  Deductible options are also offered.  We offer a number of top National Insurance Carriers to our clients.